Department of Orthopaedic Surgery

Musculoskeletal Growth & Regeneration Laboratory

Hongshuai Li, MD, PhD

MaCalus Hogan, MD



The main focuses of the Musculoskeletal Growth & Regeneration Laboratory (MGRL) are stem cell-based musculoskeletal regeneration and cross talks between skeletal muscle and other musculoskeletal tissues during exercise, neuromuscular diseases, and aging. The research laboratory offers research fellows, medical students, graduate students, and undergraduate students the opportunity and the ability to participate in research related to musculoskeletal regeneration with emphasis on the stem cells and cross-talks between tissues.

Ongoing research

  • Targeting muscle and bone comorbidities by replenishing nitric oxide (NO) in dystrophic muscle via inorganic nitrite. (In collaboration with Dr. Mark Gladwin and Dr. Paula Clemens)
  • Muscle/Bone cross-talks mediated by myokines during DMD and aging.
  • Tissue-customized Platelet Rich Plasma for optimized muscle/cartilage healing.
  • Explore regenerative potentials of human Breast Milk Derived Stem Cells (hBMDSCs)-A novel and non-invasive source of stem cells for musculoskeletal tissue regeneration. (In collaboration with Dr. Debra L Bogen)



Hongshuai Li, MD, PhD
Assistant Professor
Musculoskeletal Growth & Regeneration Laboratory (MGRL)
Department of Orthopaedic Surgery
Bridgeside Point II
450 Technology Drive, Room 206
Pittsburgh PA 15219