Department of Orthopaedic Surgery

Orthopaedic Biodynamics Laboratory

William J. Anderst, PhD


The Biodynamics Laboratory has three primary missions: (1) investigate relationships between dynamic joint function and joint disease, injury, and treatment to improve diagnosis and care of orthopaedic conditions; (2) develop innovative technologies and methods for assessing the dynamic function of joints and musculoskeletal tissues; and (3) provide unique training opportunities for engineering students, orthopaedic residents, and visiting fellows to conduct orthopaedic research. Our research program is highly translational and thrives on strong collaborations; with clinical scientists (providing their knowledge and insight to guide project selection, ensure relevance, and interpret results in a clinical contest) working side-by-side with basic scientists from multiple disciplines (engineering, biology, epidemiology, etc.) to develop comprehensive approaches for diagnosing and treating orthopaedic injury and disease. The central theme of our laboratory research is the identification and treatment of mechanical disorders that drive progression of degenerative musculoskeletal disease. Our larges programs address disorders of the knee and spine, which are the leading causes of musculoskeletal disability.




Alexandra Maxim
Lab Manager
Department of Orthopaedic Surgery