Department of Orthopaedic Surgery

Riccardo Gottardi, PhD

  • Research Assistant Professor

Education & Training

  • Postdoctoral Ri.MED Fellowship, University of Pittsburgh
  • PhD – Biomedical Electronics (Engineering), University of Genova
  • MSc (LS) – Applied Physics, University of Pisa
  • BSc (LM) - Physics, University of Pisa

Representative Publications

B.B. Rothrauff, K. Shimomura, R. Gottardi, P.G Alexander, R.S. Tuan. Anatomical region-specific enhancement of 3-dimensional chondrogenic differentiation of human mesenchymal stem cells by soluble meniscus extracellular matrix. Acta Biomaterialia. Epub ahead of print doi:10.1016/j.actbio.2016.11.046

P.-o. Numpaisal, B.B. Rothrauff, R. Gottardi, C.-L. Chien, R.S. Tuan. Rapidly dissociated autologous meniscus tissue to enhance meniscus healing: an in vitro study. Connective Tissue Research. Epub ahead of print doi: 10.1080/03008207.2016.1245727

R. Gottardi*, U. Hansen*, R. Raiteri, M. Loparic, M. Düggelin, D. Mathys, N.F. Friederich, P. Bruckner, and M. Stolz. Supramolecular organization of collagen fibrils in healthy and osteoarthritic human knee- and hip joint cartilage. PLoS ONE. 11(10): e0163552. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0163552 *equal contribution.

L. Iannetti, G. D’Urso, G. Conoscenti, E. Cutrì, R.S. Tuan, M.T. Raimondi, R. Gottardi, P. Zunino. Distributed and lumped parameter models for the characterization of high throughput bioreactors. PLoS ONE. 2016, 11(9): e0162774. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0162774

A.X. Sun, P.-o. Numpaisal, R. Gottardi, H. Shen, G. Yang, R.S. Tuan. Cell and Biomimetic Scaffold Based Approaches for Cartilage Regeneration. Operative Techniques in Orthopaedics. 2016, 26(3): 135–146.

L. Coluccino, C. Peres, R. Gottardi, P. Bianchini, A. Athanassiou, A. Diaspro, L. Ceseracciu. Anisotropic Viscoelastic Biomechanical Mapping of Knee Meniscus Cartilage. Journal of Applied Biomaterials & Functional Materials. Epub ahead of print doi:10.5301/jabfm.5000319

R. Gottardi. Towards a minimally invasive sampling tool for high resolution tissue analytical mapping. Nanotechnology. 2015, 26, 372501-4.

M. Guaragno, R. Gottardi, M.V. Fedorchak, A. Roy, P. Kumta, S.R. Little. One-Step Synthesis of Fluorescently Labeled Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes. Chemical Communications. 2015, 51, 17233-17236.

E. Bayer, R. Gottardi, M.V. Fedorchak, S.R. Little. The Scope and Sequence of Growth Factor Delivery for Vascularized Bone Tissue Regeneration. Journal of Controlled Release. 2015, 219: 129-140.      

Jr-Jiun J. Liou, M.T. Langhans, R. Gottardi, R.S. Tuan. Injury and Repair of Tendon, Ligament and Meniscus. Chapter 6 in: Translating Regenerative Medicine to the Clinic edited by J. Laurence, P. Baptista, A. Atala and M. Van Beusekom. Academic Press, Elsevier, 2016: 75-88.

M. Taffetani, R. Raiteri, R. Gottardi, D. Gastaldi, P. Vena. A quantitative interpretation of atomic force microscopy based dynamic nanoindentation tests on articular cartilage. Journal of Biomechanical Engineering. 2015, 137(7), 071005-1:8.

A.J. Glowacki, R. Gottardi, S. Yoshizawa, F. Cavalla, G.P. Garlet, C. Sfeir, S.R. Little. Strategies to direct the enrichment, expansion, and recruitment of regulatory cells for the treatment of disease. Annals of Biomedical Engineering. 2015, 43(3): 593-602.

A. D'Amore, N. Amoroso, R. Gottardi, C. Hobson, C. Carruthers, S. Watkins, W. Wagner, M. Sacks. From single fiber to macro-level mechanics: A structural finite-element model for elastomeric fibrous biomaterials. Journal of the Mechanical Behavior of Biomedical Materials. 2014, 39: 146-161.

M. Taffetani, R. Gottardi, D. Gastaldi, R. Raiteri, P. Vena. Poroelastic response of articular cartilage by nanoindentation creep tests with different characteristic sizes. Medical Engineering & Physics. 2014, 36(7): 850-858.

H. Lin, T.P. Lozito, P.G. Alexander, R. Gottardi, R.S. Tuan. Stem Cell-based Microphysiological Osteochondral System to Model Tissue Response to Interleukin-1β. Molecular Pharmaceutics. 2014, 11(7): 2203-12.

P.G. Alexander*, R. Gottardi*, H. Lin, T.P. Lozito, R.S. Tuan. Three Dimensional Osteogenic and Chondrogenic Systems to Model Osteochondral Physiology and Degenerative Joint Diseases. Experimental Biology and Medicine. 2014, 239: 1080-1095 *equal contribution.

K. Kamalasanan*, R. Gottardi*, S. Tan, Y. Chen, B. Godugu, S. Rothstein, A.C. Balazs, A. Star, S.R. Little. “Zero Dimensional” Single Walled Carbon Nanotubes. Angewandte Chemie. 2013, 52(43): 11308-11312 *equal contribution.

T.P. Lozito, P.G. Alexander, H. Lin, R. Gottardi, A.W.-M. Cheng, R.S. Tuan. Three-dimensional osteochondral microtissue to model pathogenesis of osteoarthritis. Stem Cell Research & Therapy. 2013, 4(Suppl 1):S6.

G. Yang, B.B. Rothrauff, H. Lin, R. Gottardi, P.G. Alexander, R.S. Tuan. Enhancement of Tenogenic Differentiation of Human Adipose Stem Cells by Tendon-Derived Extracellular Matrix. Biomaterials. 2013, 34(37): 9295-306.

R. Gottardi*, B. Douradinha*. Carbon nanotubes as a novel tool for vaccination against infectious diseases and cancer. Journal of Nanobiotechnology. 2013, 11:30 *equal contribution.

W.R. Thompson, R. Gottardi, K.M. Stearns, J. Rubin, F. Ambrosio, R.S. Tuan. Biologics in Cartilage, Bone Repair, and Regeneration. In: Hughes C, ed. ISC 23.2, Applications of Regenerative Medicine to Orthopaedic Physical Therapy. La Crosse, WI: Orthopaedic Section APTA; 2013.

M. Taffetani, E. Bertarelli, R. Gottardi, R. Raiteri, and P. Vena. Modeling of the Frequency Response to Dynamic Nanoindentation of Soft Hydrated Anisotropic Materials: Application to Articular Cartilage. Computer Modeling in Engineering & Science. 2012, 87, 5 433-460.

M. Stolz, R. Gottardi, R. Raiteri, S. Miot, I. Martin, R. Imer, U. Staufer, A. Raducanu, M. Düggelin, W. Baschong, A.U. Daniels, N. F. Friederich, A. Aszodi, U. Aebi. Early detection of osteoarthritic and aging articular cartilage in mice and patient samples using AFM. Nature Nanotechnology. 2009, 4:186-192.

A. Marsano, D. Wendt, R. Raiteri, R. Gottardi, M. Stolz, D. Wirz, A.U. Daniels, D. Salter, M. Jakob, T.M. Quinn, I. Martin. Use of hydrodynamic forces to engineer cartilaginous tissues resembling the non-uniform structure and function of meniscus. Biomaterials. 2006, 27: 5927-5934.

C. Ascoli, R. Gottardi, D. Petracchi, 2004. Scanning probe microscopy. In: Lasers and current optical techniques in biology, edited by Giuseppe Palumbo and Riccardo Pratesi, London: The Royal Chemical Society, 2004: 375-427.

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Research Interests

I am interested in exploring the development 3D organoid models to study musculoskeletal tissues and their interaction in health and disease with the endocrine, vascular and immune system, to better understand the mechanisms of tissues crosstalk and for drug screening and predictive toxicology.

Currently, I am focusing on sex specific endocrine changes and their effects on cartilage-bone interactions. Furthermore, I am also developing advanced osteochondral models to study the effects of microgravity on bone loss and cartilage damage.

In the long term, I am developing novel, 3D printing based micro-bioreactors for more rapid, real-time monitoring of cellular processes using cells with reporter genes, to identify cellular targets for treatment and to learn how to guide regenerative therapies.

Research Grants

Osteochondral Microtissue
Orthopaedic Research Society
Collaborative Exchange Grant.
Role: PI

Chondroprotection by Menstrual Cycle Hormones: 3D Engineered Microtissue Analysis
Ri.MED Foundation
Research Grant
Role: PI

Osteochondral Crosstalk – Osteoarthritis in the Cartilage-Bone Interface
Pittsburgh Foundation, “Albert J. Ferguson, Jr, MD” Orthopaedic Fund, AD2016-1765-24
Research Grant
Role: PI

A Microphysiological 3D Organotypic Culture System for Studying Degradation and Repair of Composite Skeletal Tissues in Microgravity Environment
CASIS GA-2016-236
Research Grant
Role: Co-I