Department of Orthopaedic Surgery

Jianying Zhang, PhD

  • Research Associate Professor

Education & Training

  • PhD, Kochi University Medical School, Kochi, Japan
  • MS, Peking University School of Pharmacy, Beijing, China
  • BS, Shenyang Pharmaceutical University, Shenyang, China

Representative Publications

1. Zhang Jianying, Yuan T, Wang JH-C. Moderate treadmill running exercise prior to tendon injury enhances wound healing in aging rats. Oncotarget, in press, 2016. Journal Impact Factor: 6.36.

2. Yuan T, Zhang Jianying, Zhao G, Zhou Y, Zhang C, Wang JH. Creating an animal model of tendinopathy by inducing chondrogenic differentiation with kartogenin. Plos One, in press, 2016.  Journal Impact Factor: 3.53

3. Zhang Jianying, Wang JH-C. Moderate exercise mitigates the detrimental effects of aging ontendon stem cells. PLoS ONE 10(6):e0130454, 2015. Journal Impact Factor: 3.53.

4. Zhou Y, Zhang Jianying, Wu H, Hogan M, Wang JH. The differential effects of leukocyte-containing and pure platelet-rich plasma (PRP) on tendon stem/progenitor cells – implications ofPRP application for the clinical treatment of tendon injuries. Stem Cell Research & Therapy 6:173, 2015. Journal Impact Factor: 3.37.

5. Gui J, Zhang Jianying, Huang H. Isolation and characterization of meniscus derived stem cells from rabbit as a possible treatment for damages meniscus. Current Stem Cell Research & Therapy, 10(6):353-363, 2015. Journal Impact Factor: 2.861.

6. Zhang Jianying, Wang JH-C. PRP treatment effects on degenerative tendinopathy – an invitro model study. Muscles, Ligaments and Tendons, 4(1):10-17, 2014.

7. Zhang Jianying, Wang JH-C. Kartogenin (KGN) induces cartilage-like tissue formation in tendon-bone  junction. Bone Research, 2(1):61-70, 2014, Journal Impact Factor: 1.31.

8. Zhang Jianying, Wang JH-C. Prostagladin E2 (PGE2) exerts biphasic effects on human tendon stem cells. PLoS ONE 9(2):e87706, 2014. Journal Impact Factor: 3.53.

9. Zhang jianying, Pan T, Wang JH-C. Cryotherapy suppresses tendon inflammation in a animal model. Journal of Orthopaedic Translation, 2(2):75-81, 2014.

10. Forman M, Zhang Jianying, Wu S, Mi Z, Hou D, Jackson E. Development of a noveladenosine-eluting guidewire (Adenowire) for coronary vasodilation during percutaneous coronary intervention. EuroIntervention, 9(11):1323-1332, 2014. Journal Impact Factor:3.769.

11. Wang JHC, Zhang Jianying, Nirmala X. Advancements in the treatment and repair of tendon injuries. Current Tissue Engineering, 3(2):71-81, 2014. (Review)

12. Wang JHC, Zhang Jianying, Nirmala X. Advancements in the treatment and repair of tendon injuries. Current Tissue Engineering, 3(2):71-81, 2014. (Review)

13. Zhang Jianying, Wang JH-C. The effect of mechanical loading on tendons – An in vivo and invitro model study. PLoS ONE 8(8):e71740, 2013. Journal Impact Factor: 4.24.

14. Zhang Jianying, Wang JH-C. Human tendon stem cells better maintain their stemness in hypoxic conditions. PLoS ONE 8(4):e61424, 2013. Journal Impact Factor: 4.24.

15. Zhang Jianying, Middleton K, Fu F, Im H, Wang JH-C. HGF mediates the anti-inflammatory effects of PRP on injured tendons. PLoS ONE 8(6): e67303, 2013. Journal Impact Factor:4.24.

16. Zhang Jiang, Keenan C, Wang JH-C. The effects of dexamethasone on human patellartendon stem cells: implications for dexamethasone treatment of tendon injury. J Orthop Res 31(1):105-110, 2013. Journal Impact Factor: 2.97.

17. Yang Y, Zhang Jianying, Qian Y, Dong S, Huang H, Boada F, Fu F, Wang JH-C. Superparamagnetic iron oxide is suitable to label tendon stem cells and track them in vivo with MR imaging. Annals of Biomedical Engineering 41(10):2109-2119, 2013. Journal Impact Factor: 3.231.

18. Zhang Jianying, Wang JH-C. BMP-2 mediates PGE(2)-induced reduction of proliferation and osteogenic differentiation of human tendon stem cells. J Orthop Res 30(1):47-52, 2012.Journal Impact Factor: 2.97.

19. Zhang Jianying, Li B, Wang JH-C. The role of engineered tendon matrix in the stemness of tendon stem cells in vitro and the promotion of tendon-like tissue formation in vivo. Biomaterials 32(29):6972-6981, 2011. Journal Impact Factor: 8.557.

20. Zhang Jianying, Pan T, Im HJ, Fu FH, Wang JH-C. Differential properties of human ACL and MCL stem cells may be responsible for their differential healing capacity. BMC Med 9:28, 2011. Journal Impact Factor: 7.25.

21. Zhang Jianying, Wang JH-C. Production of PGE2 increases in tendons subjected to repetitive mechanical loading and induces differentiation of tendon stem cells into non-tenocytes. Orthop Res 28:198-203, 2010. Journal Impact Factor: 2.97.

22. Zhang Jianying, Wang JH-C. Platelet-rich plasma releasates promotes differentiation of tendon stem cells into active tenocytes. Am J Sports Med 38 (12):2477-2486, 2010. Journal Impact Factor: 5.084; Cited by 126.

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25. Zhang Jianying, Pan T, Liu Y, Wang JH-C. Mouse treadmill running enhances tendons by expanding the pool of tendon stem cells (TSCs) and TSC-related cellular production of collagen. J Orthop Res 28:1178-1183, 2010. Journal Impact Factor: 2.97.

Research Interests

My main research interests lie in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine, especially bone and tendon regeneration and repair, an area I have been working on for more than 15 years. I am fully trained with over 30 years of professional experiences in pharmacology, cell biology, molecular biochemistry,material science, polymer chemistry, computing and imaging sciences and engineering. Tissueengineering is a field where I can truly leverage my interdisciplinary background. I have overlapping research interests and in the last 8 years since I joined the department of orthopaedic surgery, my research has focused on tendon and bone diseases, especially on using biomaterials and tendon stem cell to develop a tissue engineered product for tendon repair and wound healing.

Research Grants

1. The role of tendon stem cells in the degenerative tendinopathy induced by mechanical loading
3/01/2015 to 2/28/2020
Amount Awarded: $220,000 

2. Repair of tendinopathic tendons
9/01/2011 to 8/30/2016   
Amount Awarded: $323,831

3. Moderate exercise improve aging tendons
9/01/2015 to 8/31/2016
Pittsburgh Pepper Center Pilot Study Funding 
Amount Awarded: $25,000

4. Aging effect on tendon cell senescence
9/01/2015 to 8/31/2016
The Pittsburgh Foundation
Amount Awarded: $5,000