Department of Orthopaedic Surgery

Bradley C. Nindl, PhD

  • Director, Neuromuscular Research Laboratory
  • Professor, Department of Sports Medicine, School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences

Dr. Nindl is director of the Neuromuscular Research Laboratory/Warrior Human Performance Research Center and professor in the Department of Sports Medicine in the School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences at the University of Pittsburgh. Dr. Nindl received a B.S. in biology from Clarkson University in 1989, a M.S. in physiology of exercise from Springfield College in 1993, a Ph.D. in physiology from The Pennsylvania State University in 1999, and a Master of Strategic Studies from the US Army War College in 2012. His research interests span human performance optimization/injury prevention domains with a focus on adaptations of the neuromuscular and endocrine systems (growth hormone/insulin-like growth factor-I axis) to both exercise and military operational stress.

Education & Training

  • PhD, Pennsylvania State University
  • MS, Springfield College
  • BS, Clarkson University