Department of Orthopaedic Surgery

Anthony Kontos, PhD

  • Professor
  • Research Director, Sports Medicine Concussion Program

Education & Training

  • PhD, Michigan State University
  • MS, Michigan State University
  • MA, Michigan Stage University

Representative Publications

Since 2013:

1. Henry L, Elbin RJ, Marchetti G, Collins MW, Kontos AP. Examining recoverytrajectories following sport-related concussion using a multi-modal clinical assessment approach. Neurosurg; 2016; 78(2), 232-241.

2. Kontos AP, Elbin RJ, Sufrinko A, Dakan S, Bookwalter K, Price A, Meehan III WP,Collins MW. Incidence of concussion in youth ice hockey players. Peds; 2016; Epub ahead of print.

3. Kontos AP, McAllister Detrick J, Reynolds E. Mental health implications andconsequences following sport-related concussion. Br J Sports Med; 2016; 50(3), 139-40.4. 

4. Pearce KL, Sufrinko AS, Lau BC, Henry LC, Collins MW, Kontos AP. Relationship of near point of convergence to cognitive impairment and symptoms following sport-relatedconcussion. Am J Sports Med; 2015; 43(12), 3055-61.

5. Kontos AP, Reches A, Elbin RJ, Dickman D, Laufer I, Geva AB, Shacham G, DeWolfR, Collins MW. Preliminary evidence of reduced brain network activation in patientswith post-traumatic migraine following concussion. Brain Imag Beh; 2015; Epub ahead of print.

6. Kontos AP, Elbin RJ, Kotwal RS, Lutz RH, Kane S, Benson PJ, Forsten RD, Collins MW. The effects of combat-related mild traumatic brain injury: Does blast mTBI historymatter? J Traum Acute Care Surg; 2015; 79 (4 Suppl 2), S146-151.

7. Broglio SP, Collins MW, Williams RM, Mucha A, Kontos AP. Rehabilitation forconcussive injuries: The evidence behind the guidelines; Clin Sports Med; 2015; 34, 213-231.

8. Sufrinko A, Pearce K, Elbin RJ, Covassin, Johnson EW, Kontos AP. The role of pre-existing sleep difficulties on neurocognitive impairment and symptoms following sport-related concussion. Am J Sports Med; 2015, 43(4), 830-838.

9. Mucha A, Collins MW, Elbin RJ, Furman JM, Troutman-Enseki C, DeWolf RM,Marchetti G, Kontos AP. A brief vestibular and ocular motor screening (VOMS)assessment to evaluate preliminary concussion: Preliminary findings. Am J Sports Med;2014; 42(1), 2479-86.

10. Collins MW, Kontos AP, Reynolds E, Murawski CD, & Fu F. A comprehensiveapproach to the clinical care of athletes following sport-related concussion. Knee SurgSport Traum Arthro; 2014; 22, 235-246.

11. Kontos AP, Huppert TJ, Beluk NH, Elbin RJ, Henry LC, French J, Dakan S, & CollinsMW. Brain activation during neurocognitive testing using functional near-infraredspectroscopy in patients following concussion compared to healthy controls. Brain ImagBeh; 2014; 8(4), 621-634.

12. Kontos AP, Braithwaite R, Dakan S, & Elbin RJ. Computerized neurocognitive testingand sport-related concussion: Meta-analytic review and analysis of moderating factorswithin 1 week of injury. J Intl Neuropsyc Soc; 2014; 20(3), 324-332.

13. Kontos AP, Elbin RJ, Fazio-Sumrock VC, Burkhart S, Swindell H, Maroon J, CollinsMW. Incidence of sport-related concussion among youth football players aged 8-12years. J Peds; 2013; 163(3), 717-720.

14. Kontos AP, Elbin RJ, Lau B, Simensky S, Freund B, French J, Collins MW. Post-traumatic migraine as a predictor of recovery and cognitive impairment following sport-related concussion. Am J Sports Med; 2013; 41(7), 1497-1504.

15. Kontos AP, Kotwal R, Elbin RJ, Forsten R, Lutz R, Benson P, Guskiewicz K. Residualeffects of combat-related mild traumatic brain injury. J Neurotrauma; 2013; 30, 680-686.

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Research Interests

I have specialized in concussion/mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI) research for the past 11years. My research focuses on the assessment, prognosis, and treatment of concussion in military, pediatric, and sport populations; with specific emphasis on the neurocognitive,neuromotor, and psychological effects of concussion.



Research Grants


Pending Grant Support:

Title: Blood biomarker candidate study for mild TBI (Collins MW, Kontos AP\co-PIs)

Dates: Feb 2016-Jan 2017

Sponsor:  Abbott Labs

Award Type: Research contract


Title: Effectiveness of a Vestibular Ocular Motor Screening (VOMS) tool foridentifying and tracking recovery in military personnel (Kontos AP, Collins MW co-PIs) 

Dates: Feb 2016-Jan 2019

Sponsor: Department of Defense-Congressionally Directed Medical Research Program Clinical and Rehabilitative Medicine Research Program Neurosensory and Rehabilitation Research Award- Clinical Trial Option 

Award Type: Research grant


Current Grant Support:

Title: Advanced MRI applications for mild traumatic brain injury - Phase 2 (Collins MW, Kontos AP co-PIs)

Dates: Jan 2016-Dec 2016 

Sponsor: NFL/GE Head Health Initiative 

Award Type: Research contract


Title: Multiplexed multiband MR at 7T: Studies of mild traumatic injury.

(Hetherington H- PI).

Dates:  January 2015-December 2018

Sponsor: National Institutes of Health/National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke Award (R01NS081772)

Award Type: Research grant


Title: NCAA/DoD Grand Alliance: Concussion Assessment, Research And Education (CARE) Consortium - Longitudinal Clinical Study Core

(McAllister T, Broglio S, McCrea M- Co-PIs; Kontos AP, Collins MW- Site Co-PIs)

Dates: August 2014-July 2017

Sponsor: National Collegiate Athletic Association/Department of Defense Grand Alliance

Award Type: Research grant


Title: Does exertion type matter: Comparing standard and dynamic exertionprotocols in concussion management (Henry LC- PI, Collins MW, Kontos AP- co-Investigators)

Dates: July 2014-June 2016

Sponsor: Albert B. Ferguson, Jr. M.D. Orthopaedic Fund of the Pittsburgh Foundation Research Grant

Award type: Research grant

Title: Targeted Evaluation, Action, & Monitoring of TBI (TEAM-TBI)(Okonkwo D, Schneider W, Kontos AP, Collins MW- co-PIs). 

Dates:  April 2014- May 2016

Sponsor: U.S. Army Medical Research and Materiel Command (USAMRMC)Psychological Health/Traumatic Brain Injury (PH-TBI) Joint Program Committee Grant

Award Type: Research grant


Title:  Brain network activation in military personnel with post-traumatic migraine following mTBI.

Dates: December 2013-December 2016 

Sponsor: Center for Military Medicine Research Grant

Award type: Research grant


Title: Balance-Attention Interference Following Concussion (Kontos, A.P.,Furman, J., Collins, M.W., Sparto, P., Redfern, M., Balaban, C., Yates, W., Gandhi, N.).

Role:  PIEffort:  75%

Dates:  January 2013-December 2017

Sponsor: National Institutes of Health/National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders Mentored Research Scientist Development Award (PA-11-190) 

Award type: Research grant