Department of Orthopaedic Surgery

Panther Symposium 2024


June 6-8, 2024

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Volker Musahl, MD
James J. Irrgang, PT, PhD, FAPTA
MaCalus V. Hogan, MD, MBA

Jonathan D. Hughes, MD
Bryson P. Lesniak, MD
Stephen Rabuck, MD
Andrew Sprague, PhD


Nobu Adachi, MD, PhD
Mike Alaia, MD
William Anderst, PhD
Clare Ardern, PhD
Olufemi Ayeni, MD, MSc, PhD
Roland Becker, MD
Mario Bizzini, PhD, MSc, PT
Berte Boe, MD
Jeremy Burnham, MD
Shiyi Chen, MD, PhD
Constance Chu, MD
Mark Clatworthy, FRACS
Richard Debski, PhD
David Dejour, MD
Francesco Della Villa, MD
Stefano Della Villa, MD
Brian M. Devitt, MD, PhD
Lucio Ernlund, MD, MSc
Joao Espregueira-Mendes, MD
Julian Feller, MD

Mario Ferretti, MD, PhD
Christian Fink, MD
Alan Getgood, MD
Alexandra Gil, PhD
Eni Halilaj, PhD
Laurie Hiemstra, MD
Yuichi Hoshino, MD, PhD
Yasuyuki Ishibashi, MD
Timo Jarvela, MD. PhD
Darren Johnson, MD
Christopher Kaeding, MD
Jon Karlsson, MD, PhD
Ryosuke Kuroda, MD. PhD
Cassandra Lee, MD
Bruce Levy, MD
C. Benjamin Ma, MD
Fabrizio Margheretini, MD
Robert Marx, MD
Jacques Menetrey, MD
Mark Miller, MD
David Parker, MD

Mark Paterno, PT, PhD, MBA, SCS
Charity (Moore) Patterson, PhD
Andrew D. Pearle, MD
Anil Ranawat, MD
Dustin Richter, MD
Laura Schmitt, PT, MPT, PhD
Romain Seil, MD
Seth Sherman, MD
Rainer Siebold, MD, PhD
Kurt Spindler, MD
Willem Van der Merwe, MD
Armando Vidal, MD
Dharmesh Vyas, MD, PhD
Brian Waterman, MD
Robin West, MD
Kevin Wilk, PT, DPT
Andy Williams, MD
John W. Xerogeanes, MD
Patrick Yung, MD
Stephano Zaffagnini, MD




This three-day meeting signifies the collaboration among global leaders in anatomic ACL reconstruction surgery to develop consensus on key focus areas within the field. Orthopaedic surgeons, physical therapists, athletic trainers, radiologists, and basic scientists will discuss evidence-based recommendations, recent advances, and the future of anatomic ACL reconstruction, complex knee surgery, meniscus transplantation, cartilage surgery, and osteotomy.