Department of Orthopaedic Surgery

UPMC Hospitals Designated Total Joint Replacement Centers of Excellence

This week the UPMC Health Plan announced the launch of its Hip and Knee Joint Replacement of Center of Excellence program.  Five of our UPMC hospitals and orthopaedic programs met the criteria for the Centers of Excellence designation.  This required a monumental effort of our operational and quality leaders, nurse navigators, and physicians.

All should be proud of this positive step forward for our joint replacement programs and orthopaedic service line.  Thanks to all whom contributed to this special accomplishment.

A special thanks to our orthopaedic nurse navigators and the quality improvement team from the Wolff Center, Jan Donis and Debra Pesanka, whom have worked tirelessly from the launch of CJR and HP bundle to now to ensure that our facilities not only met, but exceeded, the bar of EXCELLENCE required for this distinction.