Department of Orthopaedic Surgery

New Concussion book recently published by Dr. Kontos and Dr. Collins

Dr. Anthony Kontos and Dr. Micky Collins recently published, “Concussion: A Clinical Profile Approach to Assessment and Treatment” through APA Books. This book presents a comprehensive, interdisciplinary model for assessment and treatment of concussion based on the authors’ combined 30+ years working in concussion. The book is an excellent reference for anyone who assesses, treats, or researches concussion, including professionals and students in sports medicine, athletic training, neuropsychology, neurology, neurosurgery, physical therapy, pediatric and primary care. In the book, the authors describe the different concussion clinical profiles including anxiety/mood, cognitive fatigue, ocular, post-traumatic migraine, and anxiety/mood; and discuss treatments that actively target each profile. The book combines empirical evidence and practical case examples, with an emphasis on at-risk populations including athletes, military, and youth.

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